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More Philosophy….

I know it’s been six months or so since my last post, but there hasn’t been anything too interesting to post about.

  • I had a nice winter and raced a series at the nearby state park. Had a blast, got sort of fast, for me anyway
  • Ran another half marathon and PR’d even though the course was significantly hillier than my previous PR. Guess I’m still developing
  • I did my first triathlon that had the word “half” in it. It ended up being about 20 miles short of a half, but was called a “half lite.”
  • I’ve enjoyed some decent miles on my new bike (Zenobia) and have gotten much faster on the bike. Averaged over 20 mph for a (flat) 35 mile route that I did around 18 mph last year.
  • Just did my first 2.4 mile open water swim and had a blast. Did it with a few other Daily Mile folks. My time was blisteringly fast, so fast in fact that I doubt the accuracy of the course. I know I can swim, but not like that….

Anyway, on to the philosophical stuff: I’m struggling with my identity as an athlete. Last year, I was certain that I was a triathlete, and there was nothing else that interested me. This year, I’ve definitely developed more as a swimmer. I’ve done a 25K trail race and loved every minute of it and I thoroughly love my rides. So what’s my problem? Sometimes I don’t feel like balancing all three, sometimes I feel like focusing more on one or another. I tend to lose light of why I do all of this ….. and I’m not sure. I like to stay in shape, and I love to do ‘epic shit’ like swim 2.4 miles, or a 25K trail run etc. And I am interested in silly fast triathlon times, but I guess what I’m trying to say here is that perhaps I could better describe myself as an endurance athlete than as a triathlete. I’m gonna continue to do tris, but I may be mixing it up more. And of course, as is typical with me, this is all subject to change tomorrow.

Here are a few of those motivational type things that I’m such a sucker for:



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Aspiring triathlete and endurance athlete. Husband, father and teacher. Always seeking a better life.


3 thoughts on “More Philosophy….

  1. Glad to read the check in man! And that OWS is sooo far! I like you philosophy man–it’s kind of what I do: see a cool race? Go do that bitch and enjoy the challenge!

    Posted by Feerlessfood | May 30, 2012, 2:06 am
  2. Keep it fun and do what works for you…there are no rules when it comes to this stuff. I love the fighting like hell quote!!!

    Posted by jnkmiles.org | May 31, 2012, 11:35 am
  3. No identity crisis here. Just stick with the “endurance athlete” handle and (as my fav race sign says) Do Epic Shit.

    Posted by Bees | June 7, 2012, 9:52 pm

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