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Quakerman Olympic Pre-race Report

Saturday is my first Olympic race. It’s about an hour away in Quakertown, PA. The distances are not quite standard on this race, but all in all they call it an Olympic and it is at least that.

Swim: The swim is .6 miles which is obviously shorter than the standard 1500 yds which equates to .9 miles. Unfortunately for me, swimming is my strength and I would probably fair better if there were a longer swim. I did a .6 mile swim back in the beginning of the June and finished in 17:12. I’m going to shoot for 16 minutes this time, since I’ve become a better swimmer, no longer suffer from so much open water anxiety and because I have much more open water experience having done a few ocean swims this summer and few more tris.

Bike: The bike course is an unusually long 38 miles, a full 14 miles longer than the standard distance. I’ve ridden the course and it is pretty darn hilly. I have trouble making a prediction here because so much has changed regarding my cycling. I’ve been riding hills more than ever before, I’ve also gone on some long rides which wasn’t really the case before. I’m going to go with an 18 mph average considering the hills and the fact that I’m not totally comfortable going 40 mph down hill and will likely be riding my break (of course while staying to the right). So we are looking at 2:06 for the bike

Run: Ah, finally a standard distance. The run will be a 10k. I’ve never run a stand alone one and I’ve never done an Oly before, but I’ve run just under 6.2 and just over 6.2. My best 5k time is 24:37. I don’t know if the run course is hilly or not, so I’m going to go fairly conservatively here with an 8:45 pace which will put me at 54:22.

Add in 5 minutes for transitions (this will also be my first race using clip in bike shoes. I told you I was a newbie) and we are looking at 3:20:20 or so.

Now, there are a couple of other things that complicate this process. First, I threw out my back yesterday and am not sure how that will effect my performance. It’s possible that the bike and run could be in some serious pain. Also, my body is just generally in need of a break. I’ve had a little less enthusiasm when training lately and think that when this race is over, I might be calling it quits for two weeks or so to allow my back and nagging foot issue to heal up…. more on that later, but for now I need to focus on the task at hand. I’m concerned that my attitude right now is a little passive. I’m not looking to race this as though it were an A race. I want to finish feeling strong and comfortable so I can say to myself that I can finish an Olympic with confidence so that next year when the distances are longer I will not have questions or doubts in my mind.

Thank you as always for reading and please wish me luck, or give me advice, or tell me you hope I drown. I don’t care, but I love reading your comments.


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4 thoughts on “Quakerman Olympic Pre-race Report

  1. Wow those are some off the wall distances (especially the bike). I think those are great time goals, but since this is your first OLY distance I would concentrate less on a time goal and more on crossing the finish line with a smile on your face and no regrets.

    You are going to do great!!! I have my first oly this weekend as well 🙂 I hope to just get my nutrition down right so I don’t f-up on the run again.

    Posted by Sarah | September 6, 2011, 5:27 pm
  2. First things first is to always respect the distance and not be too passive about it. Not it is not an A race but you want to finish strong and with confidence that you can handle this length of a race and future races.

    I also just realized the distances are not standard and thus will throw off your nutrition a little bit. As you know the rule of thumb is to consume 200-250 calories per hour. This would put you around 600-750 for the race.

    Since you obviously can’t eat during the swim that is where you get some fuel in T1. Eat a HoneyStinger (160 calories) or whatever you have been training with. If you know your bike is 2 hours then you need 400-500 calories there. I get these all in liquid form and stop with about 10 minutes to go on the bike so my stomach can settle for the run. I use a hand held on the run with the number of calories that I need for that approximate hour. If I use it great, but if not no big deal.

    The other key is fueling before the race. I took in about 250-300 calories 4 hours in the form of a smoothie before my race time (not the official time of the race, but your wave) and then between finishing the smoothie and 30 minutes before the race I poured about 200 calories (1/2 bottle of EFS liquid shot) in 20 oz of water and sipped that over the course of the next three hours until race time.

    I finished that Olympic distance without any issues at all. I felt strong, not dehydrated or exhausted.

    Also, two days before have a carb heavy dinner and then the day before the race start with a carb heavy breakfast and slowly taper your eating to the point where you are almost hungry when you go to bed. Avoid the fiber the day before so that your body has the time to clean it out.

    You are going to do great brother.

    Posted by Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race | September 7, 2011, 7:29 am
    • Thanks man, I appreciate the detail. I’ve been experimenting with my nutrition lately and everything seems to work fine, nothing gives me issues. I’m going to have 2 bottle of H20, 1 of perpetuem, and one with Nuun. I also will have a flask with my homemade gel and a honey stinger. I’ve actually been able to eat while running too. I had a power bar on sunday that went down fine. I’m not sure how it will work when I’m pushing the pace, but I’ll have it with my incase I need it as well as the gel.

      Posted by paddyb76 | September 7, 2011, 10:40 am

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