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What lies ahead….

Alright, as we move into August I’ve begun to finalize my plans for this season and think about the next ones. Before I go any further, the idea of racing with any of you is something that totally interests me, so if any of these races appeal to you, or if you have one planned that you think I might be interested in please don’t hesitate to register or let me know about it. I do believe that this is a social experience for me and I want to embrace that part of it.

8/6 This Saturday, I’m planning to do swim a 1 mile competitive ocean swim in Lavalette, NJ

8/7 This Sunday, I’m planning on swimming another 1 mile competitive ocean swim in Seaside Heights, NJ

8/21 Tentatively I have a 3rd 1 mile ocean swim planned in Bradley Beach, NJ

While I’m a fairly strong swimmer, it’s been a source of anxiety for me and I figure that if I keep doing them, eventually I’ll be confident and what tormented me will become a source of security. Experience helps right?

8/27 I registered to ride a 107 mile bike tour with several Daily Mile friends. I’m really excited for this ride. It will be a great opportunity to meet some really awesome people. Ironman Shawn S. has even challenged me to ride the extra 5 miles to make it an Ironcentury. Sounds good, but let’s see how I feel.

9/10 Last triathlon of the year will be the Quakerman Olympic. This will be my first Olympic Tri and I’m excited. I’m not setting any time goals, I just want to finish strongly and feel confident going into next year when Olympic tris will be my focus.

11/20 The Philadelphia Half Marathon will be my last race for 2011. This will be my first attempt at this distance and I feel pretty confident going into it. I know I can complete it which is crazy to say. A year ago I couldn’t imagine completing anything like this.

Going into the 2012 season, I plan on racing a sprint to warm up and start the season off. After that, my plan is to race only Olympic triathlons with one or maybe two Half Ironman tris at the end of next season. In particular, I have my eyes set on Pocono Ironman 70.3. Just writing that gives me the chills. I have so far to go and can’t wait to get there, but at the same time I’ve come so far and have enjoyed every single bit of this ride and I don’t want to rush it. I want to take it all in and enjoy every moment of it. What are your plans?

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8 thoughts on “What lies ahead….

  1. My plans for 2012 are quite simple…..survive!!!!

    I have races coming out of my pores:

    March 70.3 Puerto Rico
    May 140.6 The Woodlands
    October 70.3 Longhorn
    November 140.6 Arizona

    There will be a number of Olympics in there as well but I want to see what recovery from May will be like before registering.

    I also tentatively plan on running a marathon in December but again recovery will be the key issue there.

    Posted by Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race | August 4, 2011, 2:38 pm
  2. No 2012 plans yet. Ultimately I did the same thing as you this year. Sprint tris, 70.3 and OLY as speed work. The goal this year is 140.6 completion, not time not racing, just completing haha. I call it a recon mission, gotta figure how the body feels.

    Life is very difficult training for 140.6, NO time whatsoever for anything. Planning is difficult haha.

    Posted by Matt Oravec | August 4, 2011, 2:49 pm
  3. My 2012 plans are IMMT…and that is IT! Probably a HIM before.

    You are going to do so great at the half marathon – it isn’t crazy to say you know you can do it – because YOU CAN DO IT! Your confidence increases with your endurance.

    Train smart! πŸ™‚

    Posted by caratunkgirl | August 4, 2011, 2:57 pm
    • Yeah Mandy, I think IMMT is enough for one year. It looks like an unbelievable place to race, like a little Paris. The crazy thing is that my brother-in-law (with whom I’m very competitive) just announced that he’s going to do the Philly Marathon. I might have to scratch that half and do the full to teach him a lesson. We’ll see.

      Posted by paddyb76 | August 4, 2011, 10:35 pm
  4. I have the Goofy Challenge in Disney World in January 2012 and then I’m planning on doing Ironman Florida in November. Right now, that’s all I have planned. But my calendar will fill up with half marathons, marathons, sprint, OLY and Half Ironman tri’s I’m sure. I love to race… much more so than training! πŸ™‚

    You are going to do great with the half marathon. Keep your confidence up!!!

    Posted by Colleen | August 8, 2011, 11:18 am

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